Host Milano 2019

Camel Step team visited Host Milano 2019, one of the world's largest food and beverage exhibitions and the oldest, to share with you the latest products, innovations and be part of this huge global event.

Milan has been famous in the food and beverage fairs since ancient times, and began its fairs since 1906, day after the other the fairs began to expand and spread its news around the world. It became an annual activity in Milan, where companies from around the world began to come together to present their latest inventions and products in the food and beverage industry. The large annual turnout has been changed rather than every year it is now every two years to be a better opportunity to put forward new ideas and work on them.

This fair was divided into several main parts as follows:

  • Food Services
  • Bakeries and pastries
  • Coffee and tea
  • Solutions for hot and cold drinks Machines and tools
  • Gelato
  • Furnishing design and POS solutions
  • Tableware

Coffee in Milan

The coffee department in Host milano has the second largest section of the exhibition, taking four areas from the exhibit because of the high demand of companies in the field of coffee from around the world, including freshly startup companies that have joined the coffee community, this exhibition was a start and a fair push to them to appear globally.

New technologies in coffee

We visited all the companies at expo and especially the booths that we represent here and want to see their latest innovations and most recent products, the most prominent of which was Dala Corte, one of the leading companies in manufacturing of espresso machines and accessories with exclusive patents. It is worth mentioning that the most prestigious specialty coffee cafes in America, "George Howell" transitioned to Dalla corte machines after his personal experience for a long time and said that the reason for this transition is the different results of the espresso taste, here is a link to George’s Howell opinion about Dalla Corte.

Dala Corte has launched a special partners event for their latest products” Zero” with specifications that make it one of the best espresso machines on the market today. It incorporated the latest technologies, where the control of the flow valve is electronic and an independent screen has been added with a control wand where the extraction of espresso is with no limits. The new machine will be launched next year, according to the official announcement.

Also one of the most prominent platforms for new technologies was for La marzocco, known for its quality, and known names in manufacturing espresso machines. The company has introduced many new and important technologies, most notably: the launch of the updated version of Linea Mini machine that can be controlled with smartphones and the release of the revised version of the GB5, Strada and the one group Leva. Not only that, they also launched a grinder for the home user and another for the commercial user with precise specifications to grind a more detailed coffee grind sizes. This is an important step for La Marzocco, where they entered for the first time the field of coffee grinders industry and also announced a milk steaming machine that helps you steam the milk with a button.

We were delighted in Camel Step to share with you the highlights of this event and to know what is new about coffee.